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What I Offer

Why Andrew Wang?

Fast, accurate, and affordable solutions for all your legal needs.

Competitive Fee

My fees are competitive and transparent, ensuring that you won't be hit with any hidden costs.

Cost Efficient

Same day response. I will return a straight forward notarization procedure ensuring that you won't pay more than you need to.


I offer convenient notary services that are mobile and flexible. I can come to your office or meet online.


I understand that language barriers can be frustrating when getting your documents notarized. That's why I offer multilingual notary services in Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese and English


Notarial Service Examples

I Can Come To Your Office Or Meet You Online


Preparing Power of Attorney for overseas use


Certify true copy of personal or business document


Certify identification document


Affidavit/ Affirmation/ Declaration


Witness a signature


Passport application/ Renewal


Certify the content of a document


Apostille and Legalization


Certify the document as the original document

Ling Central, Hong Kong

As a Chinese national living in Hong Kong, I needed to notarize some documents for my family back in China. I was so relieved to find a notary public who could speak Mandarin and understand the Chinese legal system. The notary was professional, efficient, and made the process very easy. I highly recommend this notary public to anyone who needs notarization services in Singapore.

Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong

I had some documents that needed notarization in Hong Kong, and I was worried about the cost and the language barrier. But the notary public I found was amazing! They were able to communicate with me in Cantonese and English, and they offered very reasonable rates. I was impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. I will definitely use their services again in the future.

Chen Shanghai, China

I was so impressed with the notarization services provided by this notary public in Hong Kong. They were able to notarize my documents for use in China quickly and efficiently, and they were able to communicate with me in both English and Mandarin. They made the process so easy for me, and their rates were very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of notarization services for China.

Li Beijing, China

I needed to notarize some important documents for my business in China, and I was worried about finding a notary public who could handle the complex Chinese legal system. But the notary public I found in Hong Kong was amazing! They were able to notarize my documents quickly and efficiently, and they had extensive knowledge of Chinese law. I highly recommend this notary public to anyone who needs notarization services for China.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

Andrew Wang

With years of experience in the legal field, I understand the importance of accurate and efficient notarization, and I strive to deliver the highest quality service to all my clients. I guarantee competitive fees with bulk discounts to ensure that my clients receive the best value for their money. I also pride myself on my same day response to all enquiries and return for straightforward notarization to ensure that my clients receive prompt and efficient service. My commitment to providing a personalized and trusted notarization service has made me a preferred choice for clients across various industries. 

Fondest Memory


I notarized a document for a gentleman from Parkistan, for his wife and children who he has not seen for some time to come to visit him.

I provided the necessary service but unfortunately, there is an inherent defect in the document which needs to be rectified urgently by the next day.

I had a minor surgery at a hospital the day before and stayed overnight.

He came to the hospital to meet with me in the morning and a few days later, he was reunited with his wife and children whom he has not seen for a few years. Small gesture on my part with enormous satisfaction for me. Forty one years in the legal practice and I never felt this good.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was the General Counsel of Bank of China ( HK ) Limited and China Development Bank, Hong Kong Branch. I have practiced as a Solicitor and Notary for 41 years and 31 respectively.

I am semi- retired now providing mostly notarial services. I have met many very nice people and it gives me enormous satisfaction when I know that the humble service I provided makes a difference, such as getting the papers in order for them to be married in the beautiful city of Budapest, family reunion, adopting a child, starting a new life in a new country etc.
“PEA”, Personal service, Efficiency, Affordability
15 minutes for straight forward certification of documents and notarization of signatures. Any other documents, depending on the complexity, will be ready the next day.
It is preferred in the case of identity documents. If for some reason you are unable to, you can ask your designated party to bring the original documents to my office.
Sure, if the document does not provide for you to sign in my presence. If it does, then it is advisable to get prior clearance and or for me to verify your signature.
Yes, depending on the location, at a nominal fee to be agreed.
Yes, by prior appointment. The main reason for me to do this is because of the need of the Domestic Helpers who like me, you must agree are the pillar of a family of working parents with children.

To show my appreciation, I reduce my normal fee. Recently, I met this lovely lady who is to be married in USA and the only time she can have the documents notarized is on a Sunday and we met at the nearest Starbucks.
We are a public officer constituted by law to serve in matters usually concerned with general financial transactions, estates, deed, powers of attorney and foreign and international business.
To validate the signature of a person ( for the purposes of signing a document ); administer oaths and affirmations; take affidavits and statutory declarations, including from witnesses; authenticate the execution of certain classes of documents; take acknowledgments ( e.g. of deeds and other conveyances); provide notice of foreign drafts; provide exemplifications and notarial copies; and to, perform certain other official acts depending on the jurisdiction.

Such transactions are known as notarial acts, or more commonly, notarizations. The term “notary public” only refers to common-law notaries and should not be confused with civil-law notaries.
High Court shall not Apostille a document unless if is notarized by a Notary Public.

Apostille is basically an act of the High Court to certify the authenticity of the signature and the capacity of the person who has signed the public document and where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the public document bears. It takes 2 working days for the High Court to process at a fee of HKD125 per document.
To make it official or legal, a document is notarized and signed by a Notary Public.
Documents must be either notarized and apostilled before they can be legalized. Generally, legalization is only required if the document in question is intended for use, not in a country party to the Hague Convention. People`s Republic of China became a member early this year.

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Apostille and Legalization

Signatory countries of the Hague Apostille Convention require a notarized document to be further authenticated by the High Court to verify the identity, signature and seal of the Notary Public.

This takes 2 working days and a court fee of HKD125 is payable.
For non-Hague Apostille Convention countries, for example, Vietnam, Legalization requires the notarized document to be submitted to the Consulate of the country for further verification.
Fee payable and the time needed differ from each Consulate.